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Splicers 35

Rembobineuse 35mm midifié pour 9.5mm.jpg

 9.5mm rewinders

Adaptateur 35mm a super 8.jpg

Super 8 adapters for standard 35mm rewinder. Sold as a pair


Several types of projector lamp available 

s-l1600 (1).jpg

Belts for several brands of Projectors 

plakpers_37_M2 (16mm splicer)_1507545051195.jpg

16mm Splicers

s-l1600 (2).jpg

16mm and 35mm rewinders

adaptateur 35mm a super 8 avec stoper.jpg

Super 8 adapter for standard 35mm rewinder available with or without blocker. Sold in pairs

Adaptateur 16mm a super 8 en acétale.jpg

Super 8 adapter for 16mm acetal rewinder. also available in aluminum


Lens adapter for 16mm projectors on request

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